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Household pests can be some of the most annoying and difficult things that homeowners and renters alike have to deal with. Though it may seem as if getting rid of a few bugs should be simple, bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to get rid of. There are several reasons why they are so difficult to get rid of, the first being that most people do not even know they have bed bugs until they have colonized and made your bed their home.

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These bugs reproduce in a short span, are resistant to household bug killers, and are incredibly wily being able to hide for weeks before they begin biting and making your life truly miserable. With a pest like bed bugs, it is crucial that professional help be sought. Another reason that these pests are so horrid is that they can be carried on virtually anything. From clothes, to shoes, to sheets, to suitcases, to just about any other item that may come in contact with the infested area. This means that they are quickly spread from one area to another unbeknownst to the carrier.

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Still another reason these pests are so difficult is that they can live in virtually any fabric or cloth. This means they can inhabit couches, carpet, mattresses, futons, shoes, clothing, curtains, and just about any other fabric that you can think of. The only thing that they necessarily need is a human host from which to feed. This means any cloth that comes close enough to humans that they can feed can potentially become their new home. When it comes to bed bugs, they are highly adaptable and will travel through an entire house in days if not properly treated.

It is these reasons that make professional treatment of bed bug infestations so incredibly important. First off they are very quick reproducers, second they can be spread easily, and third they can live nearly anywhere. Finding a good local exterminator is your best bet when it comes to ridding your home and life of these pests. Though it may seem more economical to try and handle the problem on your own, it is likely that these highly resilient pests will come back without the proper professional treatment.